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Beverly | Nuremberg | Boston | Neuschwanstein | Augsburger Puppenkiste

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Beverly, Massachusetts

This is where we live, so it should come first. We love living in Beverly, about 20 miles north of Boston and right on the ocean.

Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany

This is where Michael was born a long, long time ago.

Some general information about Nuremberg can be found here:Nuremberg

The Nuremberg Traffic Museum:

  Verkehrsmuseum Modellbahn
One of my favorite places to visit in Nuremberg when I was a child is the Traffic Museum (Verkehrsmuseum). Make sure you see the "Lokorama", which takes you on a train ride on the left side of the Rhine river from Koblenz to Bonn. In the museum this is quite realistic. I used to love this! Also take a look at the Model Railroad, which was a great source of inspiration for me when I was younger and I built my own.

Boston, Massachusetts

Freedom Trail
A great city! Go to Boston.com to learn more about it or take a walk on the Freedom Trail. Come visit us and we will give you a great tour of this historic city.

Neuschwanstein, Germany


Neuschwanstein castle is where I spent many vacations as a child. This is one of my favorite places in the world! I have brought many good friends here to give walking tours of Neuschwanstein and the other castles in this area, Hohenschwangau and Linderhof. In over thirty years, it has not changed one bit. It is so wonderful that they haven't spoiled this great place by overdoing tourism. Some of my fondest childhood memories are connected with our vacations in this area. We used to stay in Pension "Schloßblick", from which you could see the castle (as the name implies). Elizabeth and I stayed in the same hotel (with the same view) when we visited a few years ago.

While you're in the neighborhood, visit the Wieskirche (a famous pilgrimage church and the most perfect rococo church in the world), Kloster Ettal and Linderhof castle.

 Augsburger Puppenkiste
 Augsburger Puppenkiste  The story of Kater Mikesch, shown by the Augsburger Puppenkiste marionet theater, was probably my favorite childhood television show ever. It is a story about a cat that learned to speak like a human and was friendlier than all the kids in the village taken together. One day, he broke grandmother's Rahmtopf and started to go on a journey to earn enough money to buy her a new one. When the four-part series was over, I was so sad that I remember it today... I though that I will never see him again (in the days before VCR's provided instant re-runs). The show was recently released on video in Germany, and when my mother brought it to the US, there was finally a reunion with this long-lost childhood friend of mine after more than thirty years. My daughters love to watch to watch Kater Mikesch as much as I do (and learn some German in the process).

German Radio and Television

This is a link to the Deutsche Welle German International Radio and TV Service. Go here for live Radio and TV broadcasts in German and for the English service.

Bavarian Radio and Television

Want to listen to Bavarian Radio or watch Bavarian TV? Go here for the Bayerischer Rundfunk home page. Don't miss the "Gschmarri zum Wochenende", a commentary in Franconian dialect (which is spoken in Nuremberg).

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